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Chatting with The Day of Diva on The Wedding Planning Podcast

Wedding Flower Tips / Budgeting for Flowers / Why Flowers cost so much

It was so fun to be featured on The Wedding Planning Podcast with Amanda The Day of Diva!

Amanda and I actually go way back, we used to figure skate together in our early elementary days so I was so excited to see that we both landed in the wedding industry. I am even more thrilled that we get to work together on some pretty amazing shoots and weddings.

On the podcast we chatted about why flowers cost an arm and a leg, and a few tips on where to budget your money on florals! You will also hear the difference between faux and real flowers.

Take a list

en here, and be sure to follow along for some other helpful wedding tips. Amanda is so amazing and can bring any vision you have to life! It is always a pleasure to work with her and see the passion behind her business.


I hope this helps when creating your flower budget! If you have any questions be sure to head over to our contact page, or click the little chat button on the bottom right hand side of your screen.



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