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2021-03-26 - Fly Free Photography-086-2.

Step 1:

Fill out the contact form below! I would love to get more details regarding you and your event so a custom quote can be created.


Step 2:

We will then send a customized quote with photos and details regarding your special day!


Step 3:

If you are happy with your quote, we will send off a contract and collect a small retainer that will be deducted off your final payment.

& then we get to create beauty!


What are you waiting for? 
Still got questions? Don't worry, I got you! Check out our Ultimate Flower Checklist Blog! 

Let's Create!


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Fun Fact:
My favorite flower would have to be peonies or ranunculus. I just love the layers upon layers of petals, and feel that they give any arrangement such a lush and beautiful feel. These beauties you see are grown right here in Calgary in my parents yard! I love having clippings in my home each spring/summer. 

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