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Greens or Garlands?

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Garlands or greens? We all love a good Pinterest scroll and find ourselves falling in love with these large floral garlands down harvest tables. But what we don't know is how much product and time are behind those stunning pieces to make them so pricey!

I thought it would be helpful to my couples to understand the cost breakdown of each garland style offered, so that it makes it easier for budgeting knowing the style you are most interested in.

Style 1 -

Laid greens on the table to resemble a garland look. This can not be picked up and moved as it is just cut greens and placed lightly down the table. We start this at $6/ft depending on the choice of greenery.

Beautiful table scape for a wedding, with simple greenery with white chargers and candles.

Style 2 -

Laid greens with flowers. This is the most cost effective way to accomplish a garland look without breaking the bank. We love this look so much! Starting at $10/ft and easy for DIY set up.

Style 3 -

This is a thin garland with flowers that can be moved if required. Some couples like to repurpose the garlands from ceremony to reception. The cost of these start at $18/foot with flowers and greens.

Style 4-

Thick garland with no flowers added. We love the look of the greenery down the table! This garland had 4 different kinds of greens to provide interest and texture throughout. These start at $25/ft.

Style 5 -

This is an example of the thicker styled garlands. We love the statement these make and know that a lot of couples would love to incorporate these on their guest tables, but the cost of them is higher due to more product used. If cost is an issue I always recommend using this for your head table, and going with a smaller option for your guests to save cost. These start at $35/foot.

So that about sums it up! If you happen to have any questions when filling out your contact form, please don't hesitate to drop it in the comment section and I am happy to chat!



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