Choose from our Small, Medium, or Large bunches to hang in your shower! It can clear nasal congestion and inflammation related to sinus and bronchial infections. They are perfect for season changes as well!  Hang in your shower for weeks to come. Lasts approximately 2 months. 


* Preserved Eucalptus 

Shower Eucalyptus Bunches - Preserved

  • Hang bunch from your shower head out of the direct stream of water. 

    Turn the shower to the hottest setting  to get the bathroom steamy! This will allow the aroma of the Eucalyptus to release before turning the shower down and hoping in!

    Roll the Eucalyptus with your shampoo bottle, or squeeze gentley to relase the aroma of the plant. 

    Lasts approximately 2 months

    *Compost after use.