We know that there is always an occasion for flowers! Whether you are looking to brighten someones day, It's a friend or co-workers birthday, or your desk needs something cheery. These little guys are absolutley perfect for a quick grab-and-go!


If your looking for something same day, be sure to reach out to us via phone or our chat option in the corner. 

Mini Arrangement

  • Due to our seasonal availability flowers may vary slighty. We garuntee to provide the same value and color should we require a flower substitution. Also! Please note we have a 7 day freshness garuntee and we will honor this by replacing your order with the same valued arrangement. Please provide proof of purchase and photos of the design to adventurefloral@gmail.com

    *Rose designs have a garuntee of 5 days. 

  • When placing cut flowers into a vase, ensure you have washed the vase with warm soapy water so that there is no bacteria that can effect your flowers. Place 1 pack of flower food into your vase and fill with cold water. Cut the stems about an inch from the bottom and place bouquet in vase. Cut and change water every 2- 3 days to ensure flowers live a full life.