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Updated: Apr 19, 2021

House Plants | Basic Tips for plants | Propagating

The perfect plants for your home and how to care for them. I share my top 5 favourite plants with you guys so that you too can be a successful plant parent. I know for me, I never found it easy to grow or take care of plants. But that all changed when I really dove deep into their specific needs, like how much light they need, or how often to water them. I am not expecting y'all to do the same so check out the point form version below.

Snake plant in pot, amazing for killing toxins in the air in your home.

History: Also known as Sansevieria and many other names such as Mother-in-law tongue, St Georges sword and more. They are native to the tropical areas of west Africa. (Madagascar, Congo, and southern Asia)

How to care : They are known to need little to no light and can survive off of a drought. I water mine once ever 3 -4 weeks depending on how the soil feels. They will also clean the air in your home significantly by removing toxins.

Propagating tip- Cut the stems from the bottom closest to the soil.

Place the bottom of the cut stem into soil and watch me grow a new plant!

Hoya Plant also known as wax plant in pot. how to care for it and when to water.

History: If you love hearty trailing plants, this is your new bestie. This specific Hoya is called a Hoya Carnosa, Also called a "wax plant" for its thick waxy leaves.

This tropical plant is one of many species of the Hoya that is native to Australia and Eastern Asia

How to care: When it comes to watering, you want to keep in mind that less watering is better. Let their soil dry out completely before replenishing. It will love an area that is super bright but not direct sun to the plant.

Propagating tip: Best to propagate in the spring or summer when the plant is growing. Cut the stem below 2-3 leaves and stick the bottom of the vine directly into the soil. It will take several weeks to grow its roots. Be sure to have a well drained pot with high quality soil. *The photo you see is from a clipping of my large plant.

Growing Healthy Pothos plant that has been propagated.

History: The Pothos Plant, Golden Pothos, Devils Ivy, Money Pot. Many names for this trailing hearty house plant. Native to India, China, Japan, Australia, and Indonesia, in the wild it will attach itself to trees and branches with ariel roots.

How to care: When growing these guys indoors, they prefer a sunny spot with indirect light! You will notice the colour change in the leaves if they are getting to much sun.Water when soil has become completely dry to prevent any root rot.

Propagating tip: Cut pieces of your trailing vine, in between each leaf and place into containers of water. Change out the water every 3-5 days to prevent rot. Allow the leaves to grow long roots before placing in soil, (this may take several weeks before you plant in soil)

Prayer plant that opens and closes every day, and how to care for it.

History: Native to Brazil, The Prayer Plant actually goes by the name Maranta Genus - Including a few dozen different plants. It gets its name from the fact that its leaves stay flat during the day and then fold up like praying hands at night. I truly love watching this!

How to care: These guys love greenhouse like living arrangements. Keep the area warm and moist, with gentle airflow, and plenty of fertilizer. They don't like to be in a cool or dry area, as their roots will suffer from fungal infections such as root rot.

Propagating tip: I personally think the easiest way to propagate these plants, is to separate from the root by shaking and lightly separating into smaller plants. Re plant your separated plants into smaller containers. You can also do them like the above Pothos. Cut below the node on your leaf and place in water to allow roots to grow. Once you have a healthy amount of roots you can plant in soil.

Aloe - Haworthia plant in modern planter. Easy to care for

History: There are over 80 species of Haworthia. Part of a very large family of succulents and the aloe family. These mini plants are easy to care for and are are a great way to bring life into your home. Native to South Africa.

How to care: These guys do not like to be soaked in water, They thrive off of a well drained pot to prevent this from happening. In the summer water evenly and allow to dry out completely before replenishing. Witer months require less watering, every other month is good. They can be planted in pretty much anything with the proper drainage. *Tip - Use cactus potting soil for these guys.

Propagating tip: Can be propagated using the small babies from the main plant. You will want to let the offset dry completely before placing it in a new container with the same soil used in the original planter it came from. Keep it in a warm and bright spot, watering frequently.

So, there you have it! My top 5 favourite house plants. Some of these beauties are available in our online store if you are looking for a way to bring some green into your home. I will be releasing another blog for you guys soon with some more varieties and easy to care for plants, so stay tuned!!



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