Valentines Day Flowers

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Hey friends! Are you looking for Valentines flowers this year, but you don't know what to get!? I wanted to share with you some of my favourite flowers for you to pick up this Valentines Day.

Roses are definitely a hit, symbolizing love around the world. But what if you don't want to go with the traditional rose arrangement that every other partner is picking up at their local flower shop. There has to be other options out there, doesn't there?

Roses and dried accents for valentines day flower choice.


First of all - Do not, I repeat - do not leave it until last minute. You will most likely not get what you are looking for, and if you do, it may not be the highest quality of flowers you could purchase.

Wholesalers actually start requesting our pre sales over 1 month prior to this holiday, so believe me when I say, get your butt in gear guys!

Second - Take the time to ask your significant other what kind of flowers are their favourite. As we jump into other seasonal options below, You may actually want to know what flowers they enjoy because you could save yourself a couple bucks by going with another flower option. Roses tend to be pricier around said holidays, due to a high demand! Other flowers such as lilies, hydrangeas, ranunculus and anemone and mums are more available, making them less of a hot commodity.


Valentines day flowers with lilies

These beauties are fragrant and will continue to amaze you as they bloom. One of our favorite varieties are these double tulip lilies! Have you ever seen anything like these!?

They are very poisonous to cats, so jus a tip! If the person you are buy for has cats, I would recommend choosing one of our other options. They come in many colours and will last a bit longer than other flowers.

Hydrangeas, Valentines Day Flowers

These are full and large blooms! They have many different varieties and shapes. My favourite Hydrangeas are actually mini green one. I love that these guys last so long in any arrangement with proper care. The green colour is a perfect contrast to purple and white flowers to be honest!

pink lovely ranunculus for valentines day

I am incredibly biased about these beauties. Like, come on! Those are absolutely gorgeous. They are such a sweet little bloom that brings so much joy with their colours. I love arrangements with these blooms in them.

These will be sure to brighten anyones day.

White and black Anemone flowers for valentines day

These unique blooms are called Anemones. I love how they really make a statement in any arrangement. They come in White, Pink, Purple, Red and many different tones.

they have stems that kind of grow in their own way. I love that they can stray a bit taller from the rest of your arrangement.

White Chrysanthemum for valentines day

Mums are super classic. They are a go to for my hand ties and my vase arrangements, due to there longevity and heartiness!

They represent love, happiness, longevity and joy!

Dusty Rose Carnations are so perfect for valentines day

Roses are perfect for Valentines Day, Especially the Toffee Roses and Quicksand Roses

Dusty rose carnations, HELLO BEAUTIES! These are super affordable and have definitely grown from being an old lady flower to a must have in designs.

Quicksand roses are the absolute way to my heart. look at that colour! It is so soft and so romantic in my eyes. Mix this with some dried boho accents and its the perfect combo for your boho lover!

Toffee roses - I am incredibly fond of these sweet caramelly, orange roses. Let me be the first to say, I have never loved the colour orange. But these roses changed the way I incorporate it in my designs. Not to mention it was a major hit last year in weddings.

* All photos above via Pinterest


Some of our designer arrangements available for Valentines Day - Using the flowers above!


There you have it! A few of my favourite options for you to snag this valentines day, as we will be using these blooms in our Designers Choice and Elaine Vase Arrangements. If you are not loving these options, you can also check out our dried bar and gift box sets! These babies will last a lot longer than any flower arrangement.

If you have any questions - Or special flower request, I am here for you! So make sure to reach out.



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